Romeo Gestioni - Vision


"Thinking to the future" and turning urban structures from costs into resources for the communities living in them. This is the strategic vision Romeo Gestioni has been developing for more than thirty years now, designing and implementing increasingly advanced models for the integrated management of the urban areas.

In a world where resources are scarce, and the focus must be on the quality of life while pursuing energy savings, the management and promotion of existing assets, and the provision of services to increasingly complex and diverse communities, Romeo Gestioni's business strategy appears to be the only one capable of reactivating the key drivers of production, income, demand growth, well-being, and, consequently, progress.

A journey that necessarily requires a new deal between the Public and Private sectors to meet the increasing demands of the community of citizens-users mentioned above.

We need new management models, new administrative roles, new protections and guarantees, streamlined bureaucracy, transparency and certainty in public procurement and – above all - a new mindset based on a business-like culture and the idea of accountability that rewards innovation, engineering, planning and design, perfection in work, the quality of the services rendered, and the respect of citizens' rights.

Romeo Gestioni strives to be at the forefront of innovation in property management services; to make the ability to reconcile the interests of Administrations and citizens its strength; and to be the company leading the way in modernising the market.