Romeo Gestioni - The Senate of the Italian Republic

The Senate of the Italian Republic


The Senate of the Italian Republic

 Areas of Intervention

 Organisation of the Service

The Senate of the Italian Republic is a 135,000-sqm complex owned by the government; it comprises 17 buildings and is located in the historic centre of Rome. One of the most important buildings is Palazzo Madama, the home of the Senate of the Italian Republic, a number of Parliamentary Groups, the President and General Secretary's offices, as well as certain services and offices more directly related to the Parliament’s activities.

The services provided under the contract are:

  • fire prevention system maintenance
  • elevator system maintenance
  • network maintenance
  • waste disposal service
  • security and access control system maintenance
  • cleaning and disinfestation service
  • porterage and reception services
  • gardening service
  • laundry and catering services

Considering the strategic relevance of the Administration, there is a particular focus on security.

In this regard, it should be noted that to access the Buildings, the users are required to attend a training course on security, consisting of three hours of theoretical classes and a one-hour practical class, and they must also obtain a security clearance [NOS - Nulla Osta di Sicurezza], authorising them to access secret and confidential information.

 By the Numbers

Surface area served: 135,000 sqm for users who visit the chambers and legislative commissions for various purposes.