Romeo Gestioni - The Naples Hall of Justice

The Naples Hall of Justice


Ministry of Justice

New Hall of Justice of Naples

Judicial Complex

 Area of Intervention

 Organisation of the Service

The new Hall of Justice extends to 250 square meters and is divided into three individual building units; two lateral buildings, housing the civil and criminal courtrooms and extending horizontally, and the central body, extending vertically and consisting of three towers of varying heights: 29, 23 and 17 floors, respectively. The individual structures are connected together by a large multi-level covered square 30 metres high, hosting a dense network of pedestrian and mechanized walkways. A Control Room manned by 12 people with different professional skills, according to the type of services to be provided, manages the logistical complexity posed by the structure's architecture and coordinates non-core administration services. The Control Room provides the customer with the technical, organisational and/or management instruments and expertise to improve the functioning of the buildings and systems and to optimise the services, therefore curbing operating costs, using an IT platform and a set of operating procedures and tools.

300 staff with different professional skills are responsible every day for the following activities:

  1. maintaining and operating the following systems:
    • air-conditioning system
    • power system
    • water system
    • fire-protection system
    • horizontal and/or vertical lift system composed of: 6 moving walkways; 26 escalators; 63 cable elevators; 8 window cleaning lifts
  2. inspecting and monitoring the buildings and their appurtenances as well as carrying out minor maintenance and/or repair work
  3. providing environmental cleaning and hygiene services, i.e. activities aimed at ensuring the hygienic-environmental comfort both within and without the judicial complex, contributing to promote the institution’s image, such as: cleaning, disinfestation, waste collection and disposal, gardening
  4. other services such as: internal and external transport, archiving, logistical support and transport during election time, organisational and logistical support for potential events, office layouts for the purpose of expanding and/or rationalising space

 By the Numbers

Surface area served: 616,000 sqm, serving a total of approximately 3,550 users on a daily basis visiting the 44 criminal courtrooms, the 23 civil courtrooms at the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Attorney General's Office, the Appeals Court, and the Civil and Criminal Courts, as well as the areas designated for various activities, such as: the library, the bank, the book shop, the areas reserved for lawyers, the Police and the Carabineer stations, the three-level parking lot, etc. The facility also houses the Ministry of Justice's national data processing centre.