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The building in Via XX Settembre 97, Rome, known as "Palazzo delle Finanze" [the Finance Building] or as "Palazzo dei Ministeri Finanziari" [the Financial Ministries Building], which currently houses the Ministry of the Treasury, the Budget and Economic Planning, was realised in the late 19th century as an essential part of the numerous works planned in Rome following its annexation to the Kingdom of Italy and the necessary transferring of the main central administrative offices to the new capital.

The first grandiose work in the new Italian Rome, strongly promoted by the then Minister of Finance, Quintino Sella, for specific political and urban planning purposes, was built in just five years—between 1872 and 1877—by a workgroup coordinated by the engineer Raffaele Canevari, meshing classical standards with experiments inspired by the new Architecture of Engineering.

The massive building stands on a rectangular area of approximately 300 x 120 m.

The overall floor area (six floors out of nine are used) amounts to 137,711 sqm of covered surface, 13,481 sqm of uncovered surface, and 9,622 sqm of green space.

The building hosts 7,295 personnel (both within and without the Palazzo delle Finanze).

It was the first public building in Italy to be provided with full facility management services. The service provided in the 2001-2005 five-year had the following strategic objectives, among others:

  • an Integrated Service capable of synthesizing in a single framework the multifaceted management requirements of the various services necessary for the buildings concerned to function
  • prompt and sensible maintenance capable not only of keeping the buildings at a minimum level of working order, but also of adapting and updating their status (functional and regulatory updating) to the various and changing requirements, and therefore with a "global" approach to the management of the maintenance service
  • having the knowledge and state-of-the-art technical management tools allowing to plan operations and resources

The Integrated Service for the management and maintenance of the Palazzo delle Finanze brought together the following activities in a single plan:

  1. Management Service
  2. Registry Service
  3. Management and Maintenance of Building / Systems (electrical system, water system, air-conditioning system, heating system, elevators, fire prevention system, access-control system, networks)
  4. Management and Maintenance of Furnishing and Equipment
  5. Green Space Management and Maintenance
  6. Energy Service
  7. Environmental Cleaning and Hygiene Service
  8. Transfers, Moving, and Porterage Service

With reference to management activities, the investment Romeo Gestioni made to design and build an integrated Remote control and operation system is of particular significance.

The system, with hardware and software tools that allow to manage it, adds value to the service, which is not limited to the detection of anomalies, but also allows to operate several functions and systems from remote workstations with noticeable cost savings.

As for the system's main features, the most striking include:

  • 63 control substations installed
  • systems managed and monitored:
    • 10 elevators
    • 40 lighting systems
    • 9 heating systems
    • 6 air-conditioning systems
    • 2 water and fire prevention systems
  • sensors installed:
    • 40 lighting sensors
    • 18 heat sensors
    • 18 air-conditioning sensors
    • 4 water and fire prevention sensors
  • 1,315 remote input and output control points