Romeo Gestioni - The Group

The Group

The Romeo Group, formed in Naples in the late 1970s, is now a European-level company with an integrated organisation of expertise, skills and knowledge dedicated to real estate management and promotion, encouraging the intelligent use of properties. It is currently composed of three companies:

  • Romeo Alberghi (Hotels)
  • Romeo Gestioni (Management)
  • Romeo Immobiliare (Real Estate)

Decades of experience now allow the Romeo Group to govern complex outsourcing processes and to design innovative procedures to deliver efficient and effective solutions to its customers.

The Romeo Group's mission is to be at the forefront of every facet of the Real Estate services market.

Devising and promoting innovative frameworks for managing and delivering services; designing and building IT systems guaranteeing industrial-level service management to Customers; integrating high-value-added professional activities; understanding present needs to imagine the needs of the future: these are the ways in which the Romeo Group seeks to carry out its mission.

Managing a complex asset (a real estate portfolio, a system of relations, a trading portfolio, a geographic area) means bringing together the numerous skills of all the professionals who can maximise its value to its full potential: the ones who plan its development, manage the legal or the economic aspects, protect the interests of the general public, and deal with technical matters.

Romeo Gestioni created the Romeo Model: a system of expertise, resources, and operational skills able to provide integrated solutions that match the expectations and interests of lessees with the owners' legitimate expectations for income, appreciation, or cost control.