Romeo Gestioni - Sustainability


For a company such as Romeo Gestioni, who has worked in the Property and Facility Management sectors for years, topics such as sustainable development and the green economy are the great challenges that we will increasingly have to face in the near future to boost the competitiveness and contribute to the growth and well-being of Italy.

A journey that the company embarked on a few years ago by joining the UN "Sustainable development through Global Compact" (2003-2009) initiative, which brought together businesses, UN agencies, and labour and civic organizations in a voluntary social responsibility initiative to advance the respect and promotion of nine core principles encompassing human rights, labour rights, and environmental protection.

A virtuous journey that continues with the maximisation of the Company's efforts in terms of environmental policy, pursuing a strategy that sets the objective of improving performance through an optimized and intelligent use of energy sources and other natural resources, including the adoption of environmentally sensible procurement policies.

Finally, Romeo Gestioni demonstrates its unwavering commitment to environmental protection and sustainability issues by voluntarily joining the UNI EN ISO 14001-2015 certification system and the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) pursuant to EC Regulation 1221/2009 dated 25 November 2009, followed by the commission dated 28 August 2017, with the purpose of assessing and improving environmental performance and disseminating information about its environmental management. For this purpose, Romeo Gestioni produced an explicit Environmental Statement certified on 31 Decembre 2018 by the RINA Services S.p.a., which puts the emphasis on compliance with environmental regulations.