Romeo Gestioni - Services


Romeo Gestioni operates with a consolidated system of expertise, resources, and operational skills able to provide integrated solutions that match the expectations and interests of lessees with the owners' legitimate expectations for income, appreciation, and cost control.

The company operates in the following fields:


Property Management
Integrated technical and administrative property management services rendered to the owners, on an exclusive and unitary basis, through the recognition and enforcement of rights and duties established between owners and lessees.


Facility Management
Services focused on the maintenance of the properties and the relevant systems and structures, managing them with the goal of increasing the well-being, comfort, and productivity of the lessees.


Asset Management, Advisory Services & Real Estate Management and Promotion
Strategic advisory and technical assistance services for defining and carrying out restoration, management, promotion, transformation, and disposal of real estate and urban assets.


Integrated Management of Services for the Local Community
Services supporting the optimisation of the management of complex areas, by connecting and integrating different operating service segments through innovative coordination and project management techniques instruments, also by means of public-private partnerships.


Energy Management & Public Lighting
As an accredited Energy Service Company (ESCO), Romeo Gestioni provides integrated technological energy management and efficiency services.


Engineering & Project Management
Integrated management of professional services concerning property and area management.