Romeo Gestioni - Property Management

Property Management

Property Management operations are carried out using a single model integrated with all management processes and steps, including maintenance, with the goal to preserve the assets to their best and optimize the total return on the real estate assets under management.

The complexity and cross-disciplinary nature of said operations require Romeo Gestioni's team to have an in-depth knowledge of all inventories and quantities as well as leasing, accounting, legal, economic and technical-functional-maintenance details, necessary to manage, renew and/or terminate any public/private lease or concession.

Purpose of the service

Integrated technical and administrative property management services rendered to the owners, on an exclusive and unitary basis, through the recognition and enforcement of rights and duties established between owners and lessees.

Main activities of the service

  • Lease administration and management
  • Inventory management
  • Litigation management
  • Condominium and consortium services
  • Documentary management
  • Facility services and technical-maintenance property management
  • Technical-administrative assistance in purchasing/selling real estate portfolios
  • Organization of public auctions

Work experience highlights