Romeo Gestioni - Profile


Being a smart services factory: this is Romeo Gestioni's plan and ambition. Striving for constant and increasingly diversified innovation, Romeo Gestioni offers a unique know-how in property management and services in Europe.

In over thirty years of activity, Romeo Gestioni dynamically created new Real Estate Markets by anticipating the needs of the citizens-users: from integrated management services for major public real estate assets to facility management services designed for, and tailored to, its customers; from Road Management, mapping and managing in a global and integrated manner large urban road networks, to the sensible and self-sustainable management and promotion of the Insulae Model to restore and develop a new urban category, the “urban condominium”; and also new tax collection and management models designed to prevent tax evasion, rather than fight it.

In keeping with this spirit of continuous innovation, Romeo Gestioni does not back down from the challenges posed by the new markets, especially Energy Management and Public Lighting. Industries in which the Romeo model, designed to integrate, streamline and efficiently use all resources in an area of operation, serves as the basis for developing virtuous strategies to curb design, plant and management costs, with significant returns for the communities concerned, whether public or private.

In this way, throughout all its operations, Romeo Gestioni has systematically proved capable of generating cost savings for the cities it has worked with, either directly or indirectly.