Romeo Gestioni - Outstanding Framework Agreements

Outstanding Framework Agreements

Romeo Gestioni received an award from the 2012 PA Forum for having provided Consip, the company set up by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance that coordinates and manages public sector spending to achieve cost savings, with high quality services for 10 years.

Indeed, during the past ten years, Romeo Gestioni achieved remarkable results, guaranteeing savings of approximately 30% to all the Public Administrations that entered into the agreement.

Recently, CONSIP FM UFFICI III awarded the following batches to Romeo Gestioni: Campania-Basilicata, Apulia-Molise, Roma Primo Municipio, and Lombardy.

This is a new challenge for Romeo Gestioni: guaranteeing the quality of the services while optimizing and rationalising spending. A challenge that has already yielded important results for all the communities concerned. Indeed, over the years, Consip has used Romeo Gestioni's performance as a benchmark for subsequent tenders.