Romeo Gestioni - Mission


Mission The company operates throughout the entire chain of activities concerning property and local area management as a Green Facility and Property Manager, i.e. as an entity capable of achieving synergies between facility management, property management, energy management, and technological and social innovation.

A new player in the national landscape able to tackle the issues of energy efficiency, effective, optimized, and environmentally sustainable management of services, and of "smart" technical and administrative management of cities and/or of properties as well as public and private spaces for office, residential or instrumental use. All with the strategic goal of managing and promoting urban areas and their resources and creating more liveable and involving environments, while curbing costs, reducing waste and making investments.

Analysis of the contexts, design, engineering, integration, specialization, customization and promotion of services: going along these guidelines, Romeo Gestioni offers a comprehensive range of skills with the utmost flexibility, meeting the customers' needs.

With this mission, Romeo Gestioni does not back down from the challenges posed by the new markets, especially Energy Management and Public Lighting. Industries in which the Romeo model, designed to integrate, streamline and efficiently use all resources in an area of operation, serves as the basis for developing virtuous strategies to curb design, plant and management costs, with significant returns for the communities concerned, whether public or private.

In this way, throughout all its operations, Romeo Gestioni has systematically proved capable of generating cost savings for the cities it has worked with, either directly or indirectly.