Romeo Gestioni - Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Defence


Ministry of Defence

 Areas of Intervention

 Organisation of the Service

300 staff with different professional skills are responsible every day for the following activities:

  • inspecting and monitoring the buildings and their appurtenances as well as carrying out minor maintenance and/or repair work
  • providing environmental cleaning and hygiene services (cleaning, disinfestation, waste collection and disposal, gardening, etc.) to ensure the hygienic-environmental comfort of the entire structure, contributing to promote the institution’s image within and without the judicial complex
  • other services such as: internal and external transport, archiving, logistical support and transport during election time, organisational and logistical support for potential events, office layouts for the purpose of expanding and/or rationalising space
  • maintaining and operating air-conditioning systems

 By the Numbers

A total of approximately 54 properties under management with a surface area of approximately 160,000 sqm, including two buildings in Via XX Settembre, Rome, the official headquarters of the General Defence Staff and the Office of the Minister of Defence.