Romeo Gestioni - Milan Airports

Milan Airports


Società Esercizi Aereoportuali Spa


 Areas of Intervention

 Subject Matter of the Contract

  • Cleaning services for the airports and terminals, as well as outdoor areas
  • “Move Management” and logistical services at the Linate and Malpensa airports

 Organisation of the Service

The services are carried out by qualified personnel, equipped with dedicated equipment and continuously tracked with IT tools made available to the customer to constantly monitor the performance of the Service Level Agreements.

Linate and Malpensa are among Italy’s most important airports; the passenger traffic at the Malpensa airport alone is 18.5 million passenger a year and, and 9.0 million passengers a year at Linate. 420 staff serve a surface area of approximately 655,000 sqm at Malpensa and 118,375 sqm at Linate.

The Control Room, the core of the entire operating structure, has particular responsibilities over the structures. It comprises two officers and five operators, who are responsible for managing the entire service 24/7/365.

Romeo Gestioni rigorously monitors Service Levels under the Agreement; to ensure said control is effective, bimonthly internal audits are carried out at the airports. Constant monitoring allows to identify anomalies in advance before they escalate and turn into insurmountable critical situations.

 By the Numbers

Malpensa Airport - Milan

  • Annual passenger traffic: 18.5 million
  • Surface area served: 655,000 sqm
  • Staff: approximately 300

Linate Airport - Milan

  • Annual passenger traffic: 9.0 million
  • Surface area served: 118,375 sqm
  • Staff: approximately 120