Romeo Gestioni - Local Health Service -2 Olbia

Local Healt Service -2 OLBIA


Local Health Service no. 2 - Olbia

 Areas of Intervention

 Subject Matter of the Contract

Integrated System of Services for Managing and Operating the Technological Systems of buildings designated primarily as health facilities, currently used by Public Administrations for any purpose.

 Organisation of the Service

Within the scope of the Health CONSIP Agreement, the Local Health Service no. 2 in Olbia entrusted Romeo Gestioni with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the technological systems of 4 hospital facilities in Olbia (2 facilities), Tempio Pausania and La Maddalena. The Olbia health facilities are the Giovanni Paolo II and S. Giovanni di Dio, extending to 37,631 sqm and 10,312 sqm, respectively; the structure in Tempio Pausania is the Paolo Dettori hospital, measuring 15,671 sqm, while the one in La Maddalena is the Paolo Merlo hospital, extending to 3,467 sqm.

The services provided under the contract are:

  • fire-prevention system maintenance
  • elevator system maintenance
  • sanitary water system maintenance
  • air-conditioning system maintenance
  • power system maintenance
  • security system maintenance

The services are provided using permanent facilities, and the contract outlines investments for out-of-contract work amounting to approximately 4 million Euro to upgrade the various systems under management. The purpose of the proposed and scheduled works is to restore the various hospital facilities, as well as to implement the necessary regulatory changes at the oldest facilities. Both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance require coordination to integrate as much as possible with the customer's technical service, given the particular importance of the premises served—hospital wards, hosting both health workers and patients. The Control Room continuously monitors the systems' operating efficiency as well as compliance with contractual service levels to meet the customer's needs. The response time for interventions requested under the Service Level Agreements ranges from 15 minutes (if a permanent facility is used to provide the service and in case of emergency) to 24 hours.

 By the Numbers

4 hospital facilities in the province of Olbia-Tempio, extending to a combined 67,080 sqm overall;

A Control Room composed of 5 members with a team of approximately 20 maintenance staff;

Average number of requests for interventions: approximately 1,200 per year;

Serving hospital facilities with a capacity of approximately 350 beds in addition to the number of day-hospital patients:

  • Giovanni Paolo II: 179 beds
  • Paolo Dettori - Tempio Pausania: 141 beds
  • Paolo Merlo - La Maddalena: 30 beds