Romeo Gestioni - Integrated Management Services

Integrated Management of Services for the Local Community

Romeo Gestioni has managed to diversify its skills and management techniques, developing new operating principles for the restoration, management and promotion of the assets managed and, today more so than ever before, embracing a new strategy best defined as urban facility management.

The ability to operate with engineering techniques, but also by proposing new administrative processes, cast Romeo Gestioni as a highly innovative company.

Romeo Gestioni, therefore, thanks to its experience and ability to innovate, can offer important solutions to public and private customers both in terms of operational efficiency and, above all, cost savings and appreciation over time.

Purpose of the service

Romeo Gestioni was the first to offer technologies and skills suited to deal with the meaning and strategic importance of the "logic of integration" in its full depth and breadth, considering it as an instrument to improve the public-private relationship and to implement management models capable of increasing the value not just of individual properties, but also of whole geographic areas.

Indeed, the management of real estate services is only one of the areas of application of the integrated management of complex processes, especially for public administrations or large institutional investors who increasingly demand integration that goes beyond the real estate Global Service.

In this scenario, Romeo Gestioni has the know-how and the technical and socio-political expertise to develop and implement integrated management models aimed at promoting the local area as a whole.

Main activities of the service

  • Road maintenance
  • Restoration works and services
  • Environmental protection and restoration
  • Green space management
  • Urban furniture management
  • Signs and advertising management
  • Public space concessions management
  • Parking-lot management
  • Tax and non-tax revenue collection management


Work experience highlights