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Information Technology


Since its foundation, Romeo Gestioni has focused its attention on, and made significant investments in, the design and development of information technologies required to manage the resources entrusted to it on an industrial scale.

Consistently with this strategy, and with the objective of increasingly integrating data to rationalize its services and fully satisfy its customers’ needs, Romeo Gestioni has designed, built and developed two specialist information systems: TIGER, mainly intended for the Property area, and F@cil-e, dedicated to Facility Management.


It is a modular system, which means it is divided into modules to tackle specific internal problems and can be used to tailor-fit the needs of Customers.

TIGER's flexibility allows to constantly control all information entered and classified using it.

The TIGER Information System, (TIGER is the Italian acronym for Sistema Territoriale Integrato Gestionale Romeo—Romeo's Local Integrated Management System) is the computer program developed for integrated property management operations.

Its design was inspired by the state-of-the-art project software technique: “Property Management, Asset Management and Global Services” which, in plain language, means the management and maintenance of large real estate assets that the owners entrust to Romeo Gestioni to maximise their value and stabilise income; the management of real estate portfolios to increase their value and/or sell them; and management operations aimed at starting and completing a property portfolio cycle.

TIGER is an IT system composed of a set of closely integrated modules (macro functions) and sub-modules with enough flexibility to have a life of their own and adapt to the most diverse needs.

The nature and performance of the instrumental technologies Romeo Gestioni uses can be explained with four key concepts:

  • modular, since each service is offered as a self-consistent module that integrates with the overall system through standard and documented interfaces
  • open to interoperability: the interfaces are based on widely-used standards (web services, RSS, ...) and comply with cooperation rules defined for the Public Connectivity System (SPCoop)
  • secure, because the wealth of information under management is protected by adopting security systems and measures that guarantee the reliability, integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity of information
  • integrated in all operational aspects, offering support to all organizational levels with validated and complete information, whether administrative-accounting or technical-maintenance information, bringing it together into a single integrated data base

The system is divided into 22 areas that cover all activities necessary to manage complex assets, from surveying to leasing, and from maintenance to disposal.

TIGER complies with the directives of the Italian Ministry for the Civil Service, concerning the supply of information technology to the Public Administration, and with the UNI-EN- ISO 9001 quality standards.


It is an integrated software suite designed to manage and carry out all service management processes in the real estate, urban and local sectors.

The system's unique feature, which transcends and mutually reinforces the concepts of Land Information System (TIS) and Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM), is its ability to manage all the data on a local asset (building, road, urban or functional complex, floor, room, air conditioner, circuit breaker,…) in a single, flexible, and structured model, allowing to manage any service or element in an optimised, high-quality and sustainable manner.

By segmenting information to different levels of detail, F@cil-e allows to use complex functions on large and complex real estate, local or road assets that can be managed on one’s own behalf, on behalf of third parties, or under lease.

Starting from its central structure, by integrating all functions and information, F@cil-e makes the following functions available based on a detailed profiling of the various users:

  • management functions, instrumental, administrative and operating activities required to provide any type of service
  • functions for the representation and management of territorial, structural, plant, spatial, environmental, and administrative filings as well as information on multi-utility contracts
  • integrated Building Automation and remote control functions
  • decision support functions that ensure the optimisation of services, utilities, and energy emissions to guarantee the owners they will make effective spending decisions
  • business intelligence functions, that ensure the strategic, managerial, and operating control of the activities according to the most rigorous performance indicators, proposing corrective actions before any critical situations occur
  • real-time functions, using mobile devices (Tablets, Smartphones, etc.) for field activities
  • energy management functions, for running and operating energy plants and for a “greener” and more sustainable management of the customers’ assets
  • street light management functions, allowing to run public lighting management services, i.e. to meet the public's mobility and safety needs, ensuring functional and artistic lighting is sufficient as well as rationally using energy and preventing light pollution
  • functions for running and operating energy plants for a “greener” and more sustainable management of the customers’ assets
  • interoperability functions with the most popular CAD, BIM, and CAFM platforms on the market

TIGER and F@CIL-E are software products copyrighted by Romeo Gestioni S.p.A.