Romeo Gestioni - Governance


Romeo Gestioni's Corporate Governance system is based on a model promoting transparency in the management of resources and public and private assets and innovation in service management and provision models, leveraging the best professional and technological skills in providing services, and creating value for the shareholders. The corporate governance system comprises:

  • a Board of Directors, which sets the strategic and development guidelines, examines and approves the strategic, industrial, and financial plans, and sets the guidelines for preparing annual and multi-year budgets
  • Business Area General Managers, with management and operating responsibilities.

The central functions are assisted by horizontal and staff functions that provide their specialist services to both the entire organization and the company’s customers.

The Innovation Committees represent the research and development centres, constantly striving to optimise and propose more and more effective management models and schemes.

The Control Rooms, led by the General Managers, specialise in various business areas such as Property, Facility, Road, etc., and guarantee the service is closely integrated and suited for managing and leveraging the complementary and interdisciplinary specialist skills and expertise of the organisation’s members. Each Head Office is assisted by local Operating Offices, which constantly work together.

Operations are carried out according to procedures complying with quality, safety and environmental standards using an Integrated Management System (IMS), which is continuously monitored by qualified Certification Bodies and guarantees high service standards, while the Annual financial statements are audited by a leading audit firm.