Romeo Gestioni - Energy Management

Energy Management and Public Lighting

Achieving the goals concerning the reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions set by the Europe 2020 and Europe 2050 strategies (reduction of 80-95% compared to 1990 levels) requires the adoption of technological solutions capable of guaranteeing substantial energy savings. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings, both new and existing, is key. Europe 2050’s timetable clearly indicates that nearly zero-energy buildings will become the norm in the future.

In this regard, Romeo Gestioni offers system management services focusing on energy efficiency and the sensible and cost-effective use of non-renewable energy sources, guaranteeing compliance with the restrictions related to the fundamental factors involved in the perception of the quality of life concerning thermal comfort, visual comfort, and air quality, even in the presence of significant changes in external conditions (for example, the microclimate outside of the building).

The contractual forms of energy management services offered by Romeo Gestioni also include Energy Performance Contracts mandating specific energy-efficiency improvements.

Romeo Gestioni, as an Energy Service Company (ESCO), obtained the ISO/IEC Standard 11352:2010 certification, and can thus offer its Customers integrated services to study and manage energy-related works or other measures to improve energy efficiency.

As an ESCO, the company's objective is to curb energy consumption and climate-altering emissions into the atmosphere; spread the culture of energy efficiency; and turn the use of energy from a cost to an operational asset.

Purpose of the service

Management of the technological services for the integrated management of energy and public lighting according to an innovative logic which, on the one hand, pursues efficiency and energy savings, and on the other, aims at raising the awareness necessary to improve the quality of life of the communities concerned in terms of cost savings, culture, and protection of their habitat.

Main activities of the service

  • Energy Service
  • Energy audit and certifications
  • Energy retrofit projects
  • Public lighting management
Work experience highlights