Romeo Gestioni - Consip Office FM III

Consip Office FM III

The purpose of the Consip Office Facility Management Framework Agreement is to implement a rationalisation program on an industrial scale for the provision of services. By appointing a single specialist entity as responsible for managing and performing the services, the program radically innovates the internal processes for selecting and managing suppliers through agreements strongly oriented to expected performance levels and the results achieved.

Under the Framework Agreement entered into with Consip Spa, Romeo Gestioni provides a service that integrates the following activities into a single management system: management consulting for optimising the allocation of resources to services and the maintenance, management and promotion of properties; selection, coordination, management and monitoring of service and maintenance providers; planning and reporting service and maintenance costs and expenses; management and provision of services to people, areas, and the organisation; technical and administrative planning and management of maintenance work for buildings and systems.

Romeo Gestioni provides the services outlined in the Framework Agreement to Public Administrations and Local Governments in Lombardy (batch 2), the historical centre of Rome (batch 8), Campania and Basilicata (batch 10), and Apulia and Molise (batch 11).

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