Romeo Gestioni - Communication


Romeo Gestioni has always paid special attention to communicating, with both the users of its services and external entities and institutions, carrying out excessive communication activities.

Communication towards users

Indeed, in over thirty years of activity, Romeo Gestioni has always considered it paramount to inform and "train" the users it has served, either directly or indirectly.

A service constantly providing updates, guidance and advice, designed not only to encourage the formalisation of contracts or fight delinquency in payments (by preparing codes of conduct), but also to introduce and explain the new services available (by preparing practical guides to said services).

The company has constantly promoted the public spirit and the concept of responsibility intrinsic to the Culture of Living Together, the foundation of Romeo Gestioni’s relationship of mutual trust with millions of citizens, hundreds of companies, and top-level Government institutions.

Communication towards institutions and entities

In addition to its focus on communicating with users (B2C), Romeo Gestioni also maintains important relations with, and promotes its brand among, economic entities and institutions by conducting extensive institutional campaigns. These have often represented a model of innovation, creativity, and effectiveness, both in terms of providing information and promoting the company’s image, that is all but unique in the European Real Estate market.

Moreover, Romeo Gestioni has not limited itself to media communication campaigns, but has often gone further, branching into the field of specialist scientific information by publishing studies and research as well as market analyses including social-demographic focuses and public opinion surveys, and organising or participating in specialist workshops. Through each of these experiences, Romeo Gestioni has accumulated a unique wealth of expertise and documentation in this field.

Below are a few examples of the campaigns conducted by Romeo Gestioni over the years.

 Communication towards users

 Public Asset Disposals

 Delinquency in Payments and Formalisation

 Institutional Communication